How Casa Maono started

"Don't dream your life, Live your dreams " 

Passionate about nature, sea, food and sports,

we open our house, minds and hearts to share our experiences with you 

Joachim Dhollander

Professional Cook and permaculture farmer - who likes challenges

"It's simple. Great ingredients make great food." 

Nina Briot

Yoga Teacher and professional in being multifunctional - with good communication and organisational skills. 

"Expect nothing and appreciate everything" 

Born in a village on the Belgian country side, I grew up in nature. Already as a young boy I wanted to help the neighbors with their garden and I loved going to my grandmothers house to help her cooking! 

It was in the local windsurf club, on the little lake near my village where I sat my first steps on a windsurf board and this was the beginning of my passion for board sports; Any kind of surfing in the summer and in winter I love to "surf" in the mountains in deep powder... . 

In love with cooking and surfing, I started working for surf- and ski companies and that is where I met a windsurf/snowboard instructor who seemed  to be a perfect companion... . 


Born in the beautiful city of Bruges, near the sea, I grew up with the love for music, traveling and board sports. Thanks to my parents I was given the opportunity to travel already on a young age and they supported me in my passions for music, snowboarding and surfing.

As a child I started to windsurf, but soon I was also surfing on waves and snow... . While I was studying communication sciences, I also got my snowboard instructor certificate so I could combine my teaching and communication skills by working for ski school in winter and surf camps in summer, until a surfing cook crossed my path... . 


Together we were travelling, surfing, snowboarding and working in different countries. Life was good! But we felt the need to do something different... . 

On one of our surf trips, we crossed this amazing region, Alentejo. There we found a little piece of land, not far from the sea. Surrounded by the smell of fruit trees and the atlantic ocean, we saw this would be the perfect place to built a house where we would be able to share our experiences and passions;

Nature & Good Food is essential in our lives. In order to keep on doing our favourite sports, Mother Nature is important to us (waves, wind, snow) - and we love to eat, cook and to share this with others. We started reading about Permaculture and dreamt about cooking with our own organic ingredients from our eatable garden. A garden, where people can explore and enjoy and where we want to share alternative ways of gardening. 
As a busy cook and a ski school manager, we learned the importance of listening to your body, to take a break once in a while and to respect your body, mind and soul. For this we strongly believe in the power of yoga and sports as essential elements in life. So we want to create a place where you can calm down, relax and enjoy and we offer you as well many activities such as yoga, walks on the fishermen trail, surf or kite lessons... . 

 It is with pleasure that we will welcome you at Casa Maono - to join us for a tasty meal, a good wine, a little yoga or surf session or just to hang out in our garden and house!